Dyaa Albakour

Data Scientist - Researcher in Information Retrieval

Welcome to my personal web page.

I work as a lead data scientist at a London-based company called Signal AI. In particular, I lead a team of data scientists and data engineers to reserach and develop text analytics services for a large-scale business intelligence platform. The platform supports reputation management, media coverage reporting, content marketing and other use cases.

Full a short career history, consult my bio page
For an up-to-date list of my publications, you can also consult my profile on Google's scholar or DBLP

Research Interests

I specialise in Information Retrieval (IR) in general. Here is a list of the topics I have worked/am working on:

  • News Information Retrieval
  • Entity Linking and Entity-based Retrieval
  • Large Scale Crowdsourcing
  • Information Access in Smart Cities
  • Social Media Retrieval and Sensor data retrieval
  • Context-aware Query Suggestions
  • Enterprise Email Search

Professional Memberships

I am an elected member of the committee of the Information Retrieval Specialist Group within the British Computer Society in the United Kingdom.

Peer Reviewer

  • SIGIR 2020 (Programme Committee)
  • ECIR 2020 (Programme Committee)
  • SIGIR 2019 (Programme Committee)
  • ECIR 2019 (Programme Committee)
  • SIGIR 2018 (Programme Committee)
  • ECIR 2018 (Programme Committee)
  • CIKM 2017 (Programme Committee - Demos)
  • SIGIR 2017 (Programme Committee)
  • ECIR 2017 (Programme Committee/Demo Chair)
  • CIKM 2016 (Programme Committee)
  • SIGIR 2016 (Programme Committee)
  • ECIR 2016 (Programme Committee)
  • CIKM 2015 (Programme Committee- Information Retrieval track)
  • SIGIR 2015 (Programme Committee - short papers track)
  • ECIR 2015 (Programme Committee)
  • SIGIR 2014 (Programme Committee - short papers track)
  • ECIR 2014 (Programme Committee)
  • BARS 2013 SIGIR'13 workshop on benchmarking adaptive retrieval and recommender systems: (Programme Committee)
  • SIGIR 2013 (Programme Committee - short papers track)
  • ECIR 2013 (Programme Committee)
  • TF 2012, The 1st International Workshop on Tourism Facilities 2012 (Programme Committee)
  • SIR 2012, Information Retrieval over Query Sessions Workshop at ECIR 2012. (Programme Committee)
  • ECIR 2011 (Programme Committee)
  • CIKM 2011 (Programme Committee - demo papers track).
  • New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia
  • The ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS)
  • The BCS Computer Journal

Conference Organisation

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